Image of the Mars rover
Mars Curiosity Rover – equipped with UA’s very own “Hi-Rise” camera to identify minerals and DANs instrument to detect soil moisture. Credit: NASA


Scholarships, Scholarships, Scholarships

We search for and vet thousands of scholarships so students don’t have to. All Non-UA and UA opportunities are combined into one streamlined web-application. We also have embarked on a Scholarship Universe Machine Matching (SUMM) project that uses machine learning to provide more relevant and reliable opportunities than any scholarship website on the planet.

Smart Matching

Our smart algorithm only asks students relevant questions, yielding maximum and specific scholarship matches all year round. Students don’t have to spend time searching for or reading through scholarships and questions that don’t apply to them. They can spend more time applying.

Fast-Track Applications

Applying for UA scholarships has never been easier with the Scholarship Universe Fast-track applications. Students know all the scholarships they’re applying for in a cutting edge application design. They can even make changes after applying up to the deadline.

Competitiveness Gauge

Students know exactly how many other UA students are eligible for every single available scholarship and more.

Recommendation Letter Management

Students request and manage all their confidential recommendations used for UA scholarships even though they cannot see the content.

Thank You Letters Streamlined

Submitting a thank you letter for a UA scholarship is simple. Students only need to focus on giving thanks. We take care of the rest.

And much more…


Smart Filtering

UA Colleges and Departments no longer have to spend hours and hours pulling student record data for their applicants and matching students up with scholarships. The Scholarship Universe smart algorithm and data import applies students to the right opportunities and pulls in official student record data nightly so departments can focus on selecting the best students for each opportunity.

Fast-Track Form Builder

Creating and renewing applications is fast and smooth with the Scholarship Universe Application Builder (SUAB). Departments can create virtually any type of application that allows student to directly input answers, upload documents or a combination thereof.

Online Reviews

Committee members can be anywhere at any time and review and score applicants in a user friendly web application.

Scholarship Management

Departments can easily track and manage all their scholarships each year even if some do not require students to actually apply for them.

Thank You Letter Management

No more having to email students continuously and receive incorrect formatted thank you letters. Requesting and reviewing thank you letters in Scholarship Universe is simple and efficient and best of all, donors get the thanks they deserve.

And much more…